Social Crypto Platform

Dappsy is a cryptocurrency social network that aims to bring all crypto communities together.

The only platform you’ll ever need to interact with, invest in, and track your favorite projects.

A reliable Social Network for Decentralized Finance.

A cryptocurrency social network designed for everyone who uses, trades, or invests in cryptocurrencies.

We're putting the best features in place for our communities.

Features designed specifically for cryptocurrency users.

Metamask Integration
In crypto, security comes first. As a result, we'd like to include Metamask in all of our features.
Strict Audits
Only certified and legitimate projects will be included on Dappsy, as verified by us. Our first goal is to keep the community safe.
Internal Exchange
Within Dappsy, you can effortlessly trade your tokens. There is no longer any need to look for the best swapping exchange.
Discover Gems
You will be able to find fantastic projects and teams through our platform. Our community is the first to learn about new crypto projects.

We're delighted to offer features that aren't available on most other networks.

We’re attempting to cover as much ground as possible for crypto communities.

You have the option to remain anonymous. To provide you greater flexibility, we limit tracking information to the minimum.
Learn More
We will offer incentives to all beginners to the crypto world. This will be accomplished through the contributions of our community's articles and guidelines.
Connect Easily
Dappsy, like any other social network, allows you to connect with new people and projects that you are passionate about.
New Projects
If you'd like to start your project with Dappsy, you're welcome to do so. On our platform, you will be able to use APP currency to support your project from anywhere in the world.

For all projects that want to collaborate with us, we are launching an auditing service.

To our community, we are caring and honest, and you should be as well. We despise rugs and con artists, so if you agree, contact our team for an audit.

We're looking for those special gems that will give us the best return on our investment.

We plan to invest in all of our audited projects as soon as possible. This is known as “Decentralised Hedge Funding.” We will fund your project in order to achieve the best results. Our community is interested in learning more about your new business ventures.

The planning has already begun.

We’re just getting started on some exciting new developments.

Major Roadmap


The main smart contract for the APP token was released on August 15th. The main currency in Dappsy is the APP token.


Launched a testnet for our entire community to try out the fundamental features of our upcoming platform. Several features, such as anonymous posting, audio and voice comments, are available on this testnet.

Contracto Audits

All projects that receive the certified tick on Dappsy must pass an audit conducted by our team. Smart contract auditing and team background checks are included in this audit. This is to ensure that our platform is free of rugs and scams.


Dappsy is also working on CryptoHedge. We will ask our community to vote on the best and most innovative projects from the majority of audited projects. Then, for the best return on investment, we will invest in these projects. All CryptoHedge & APP holders will share in the profits.

Q1 2022
Beta Release

We're working hard to get a beta version of Dappsy out there. This is expected to happen in the months of January and February 2022. More features will be included in this beta version, and we will keep adding more features to transform Dappsy into a Unicorn in the crypto industry.

Q2 2022

We hope to release a fully functional product in Q2 2022, after months of hard work. Dappsy is now a platform that is accessible to both holders and non-holders.

Q3 2022

Following the launch, our primary focus will be on developing mobile applications. Is one of the project's most important features. This broadens our appeal to a growing number of people who rely on their smartphones for day-to-day tasks.